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    Recommendations on current setup?


      I have been looking into getting a slingbox and setting it up at my parents house with my old direct tv receiver to stream to my apartment.  I moved out about a month ago from home and I am trying to avoid costly cable.  I don't watch much tv as it is but would like to be able to have access still to a couple of shows and sports.  I have a Samsung DLNA compatible tv currently.


      My first question is just asking general recommendations you have about streaming television to my apartment.  Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.


      I understand I can hook up a slingbox to my computer and run an output from my computer to my tv.  But would I be able to use a slingbox directly to my Samsung tv, via the ethernet and DLNA?


      Another question I have also pertains to slingbox compatability to other technologies.  I love the idea of google tv and the logitech revue, but based on my setup of having slingbox at my parents house and watching primarily at my new apartment, is this possible?


      Thanks a lot in advance and if you have any other recommendations or thoughts please tell.  Again I am new to this and I am in more of a brainstorming phase currently.

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          Hi, joshh967


          It seems that you need general information about the Slingbox in order to know how it works.


          The Slingbox (any model) was designed to send the TV signal out to computers. You must connect it at home to your TV source (cable box, DVR and satellite receiver) and also to your home router. This way, it will be able to stream the signal out to the Internet and you will be able to get the remote connection from different locations.


          This is the only way the Slingbox works at this moment. We have no information about any implementation that allows the connection with other kind of technologies.


          If you need further information, feel free to check these links.


          Slingbox PRO-HD Overview


          Slingbox SOLO Overview