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    Cannot get Slingbox Pro to stream with the web based sling player?

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      I have two Slingboxes



      1. Slingboxbox Pro

      2. Slingbox Pro HD



      The Slingbox Pro HD configures fine and on launching internet web browswer works fine and streams my TV source perfectly with no issues.



      Whwn I try to configure the Slingbox Pro the program detects a composite TV signal which is displayed in the configuration monitor and I can configure the remote control.

      The firmare is upto date and the box will configure for internet viewing.



      On selecting viewing with the internet web browser the program starts to launch and then stops with the following message.



      Sorry, we do not support setup on browser anymore. Please click below link to download 'SlingPlayerDesktop' application to configure/re-configure your Slingbox.




      I have tried to use the old Slingplayer 2 but this wil not install under Win 10 Pro and produce the following



      SlingPlayer InnstallShield Wizard



      Unable to register SlingSDK contact your system adminstrator to install this software.



      The same error message if I install SlingPlayer 2 as adminstrator.


      Any help or advice would be appreciated.