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    LAN performance

    LimeyUK Newbie

      Just installed the HDS-600RS in the UK ... alongside its "brothers and sisters" (SOLO, Classic, HD PRO etc.) and find that the LAN performace is terrible.


      Normally I see over a LAN bit rates above 1.5 megs and far greater ... however this elegant LOOKING device seems incapable of streaming over its local LAN more than 200-300 bps.  Picture is just watchable, but on-screen menu is illegible.


      I then went back to the Classic and it worked fine.


      What am I missing?

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          Hi LimeyUK,


          Hmmm, I'm getting over 5MB streaming on the LAN. Maybe you can check the following to help determine why you are seeing really low speed:


          1. Are you connecting this directly over ethernet or using SlingLinks/Power Line or a wireless connection to the router?
          2. Is your computer on the same LAN, do you have a second router which might me making your unit perform WAN streaming when on the LAN.