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    Discontinued or not ... ?

    LimeyUK Newbie

      For ages, the SlingCatcher has been discontinued ...


      Yet it appears to be in easy supply at high street stores in the UK.


      Prices at John Lewis at £200 or less, and Amazon.co.uk at £199, yet amazon.com shows it at $700.


      Has it been relaunched in Europe only?


      To coincide with the Echostar Freesat box?

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          jmpozzo Newbie

          I think it's been discontinued for good.  The remaining stores that carry it have a limited supply they picked up while it was still in production.  Once they're gone, that's it.

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            callanish Apprentice

            I don't think it ever disappeared from Europe the way it did in North America, but it's still a discontinued product. Europe must have a lot of stock on hand, but its not being manufactured anymore, so if you need one, grab it, because eventually it'll just seize to exist as it does now in North America where slingcatcher's both new and used are now being sold for crazy money.

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                I gather the SlingCatcher ended its retail presence in the US a while back and Europe is now in a place where it's available "whilst stocks last".


                I think this might also explain why the price of a SlingCatcher on Amazon is now up at 700 bucks from direct sellers. Seems like people realise this product is now not available any more and there is a market esp. in the US where people want to get one one!!


                Law of "supply and demand" I guess.