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    Error 0x8007274D No Connection


      Have Slingbox Classic connected via slinglink Turbo and could only get home pc to connect with no changing channel abilities.  Thought that it may be because I am connected to a standard DirectV D11 box.I went online to get software update, now I am unable to connect and receive a "No Connection could be made because target machine actively refused it" message. The online setup locates my Slingbox but is unable to connect.

      Prior to moving to new home , I had no trouble with this Slingbox-DirectV setup (although I had Slingbox connected to internet via ethernet cable rateher than to a Slinglink)and was able to connect to Droid phone via Slingplayer...now nothing.

      Any suggestions?

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          Hi, kicksave


          It seems that you are having some issues in order to get your Slingbox Classic up and running. In this case, make sure to verify if the Slingbox has solid lights.


          First, we recommend you to stop using the SlingPlayer software version 1.5 and use the SlingPlayer software version 2.0. This link will allow you to get the latest SlingPlayer software version.


          SlingPlayer for Windows


          If the Slingbox does not show solid lights, reset the Slingbox and run the set up one more time. The following links will provide you with the steps to follow.


          Resetting your Slingbox


          Internet Viewing


          Just make sure to run the Manual Setup instead of the Automatic Configuration.