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    Incorrect Activation Date?


      I bought my Slingbox ProHD in June of 2010 but my activation date (the date I first connected it to a network) is in Feb 2010. Since I'm now having a problem and the warranty is a year on the box, I'm thinking I'll have a problem with SB support getting it fixed under warranty. Anyone else seeing the wrong activation date on their units?



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          Hi, bichmgnt


          There are some important details you must pay attention in this kind of situation. If the Slingbox PRO HD was owned and used before by another person, our servers will keep the activation date as the first time it was connected to the Internet.


          This means that the Slingbox will keep this information and you will not be able to activate a different activation date, even if you reset the unit. There's no way to modify this information.



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            bastian74 Newbie

            Some credit cards include an additional warranty on items purchased with that card.  You could also complain to whoever you bought it from.  It could have been a return.