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    Slingplayer ADMIN vs. "guest".


      I prefer to use the software player with my Slingbox AV.  I want to allow my relative who has no access to TV, but does have access to broadband internet to be able to view my Slingbox AV.  However, I do not want the person to have the ability to change passwords, settings, or anything else; I simply want to allow them access.  I'm sorry: I've read and read and read and can't find a thing on how to do what I want to do.  I had been active in the "slingcommunity" discussion forum, but I see that is no longer around.


      Any ideas....or is what I am requesting not possible?  I use Windows based PC....my distant relative will be using a newer MAC.  Shouldn't be a difference, really.  I plan on setting up their account for them using remote access to their PC via LogMeIn, but if that isn't necessar all the better.


      Any help will be appreciated.


      Thanks for the support.