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    can not find on network


      i have had my slingbox for 3 yrs now and all of a sudden it is not connecting when i try from my pc. all lights are solid, all plugs are in jacks. i have dont a zap and reset everything and again the box can not connect to the network. i have tried to manually put in the config details and still nothing. in my slingbox account im getting an 2 errors


      1. Internet Viewing Status: Warning


      2. communication status: warning


      please help resolve

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          Hi, erin_pharao


          I understand that you are having some issues with your Slingbox SOLO, since it shows solid lights but you cannot locate it on your network. Most of the times, this issue is related to the security software running on your computer. We recommend you to check this link in order to get some information and follow some steps.


          Internet security and personal firewalls


          We also recommend you to test the connection using a different computer, as a secondary option.