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    Slingbox Classic


      I have a slingbox classic, that I can only see the video if the TV is on,  My TV is a Pioneerand that connects to its own box which connects to my cable box.  I can hear the sound without th eTV on so that is not an issue.  Can any one give me an Idea as to what to do to watch it without putting the TV on/

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          Hi, hdclassic47


          Since your Slingbox Classic seems to affect your TV set, it means that you need to check all the network connections. There should be no interference in order to affect the TV signal.


          If you are using a cable box, you must connect the coaxial cable that comes from the wall into your cable box. Then, from the cable box outputs, send the connection to your Slingbox inputs. Finally, from the Slingbox outputs, send the connection to the TV set inputs.


          This way, your Slingbox Classic will not affect the TV set at all.