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    Setting up without the IR cable


      I'm dusting off my old Classic Slingbox and trying to get it set up again.  I have Comcast and before with basic cable (no box) I plugged the Slingbox directly in and it worked great.


      Now Comcast requires the little black digtal cable boxes (DC50X) for basic cable.  The problem is I lost my IR cable, so right now I can only change the channel using the actual remote of the cable box (not through the sling software).


      So my question is: can I set up the slingbox classic and the DC50X cable box to fully function (change channels) without the IR hookup?



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          Hi, monsterman


          It seems that you want to know if the Slingbox needs the IR Blasters in order to work with a Comcast DC50X Digital Transport Adapter. Once you connect a TV source (any box provided by your cable service provider), you will always need to use the IR Blasters.


          Keep in mind that this accessory is the one that allows you control the TV source when connected to your Slingbox. So, it is mandatory for you to use the IR Blasters whenever you use a set top box. If you need to purchase the IR Blasters, check this link.


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