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    Connectivity US to Hong Kong


      If I set up a Slingbox HD in the United States, can I view US programming if I am in Hong Kong? Can programming foreign to the country I am located at be blocked?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          US television signals are broadcast with the NTSC (ATSC) standard.   According to Wikipedia, Hong Kong uses another video broadcast standard.   So, I believe that while it would be possible for the US television video signals to be sent over the Internet to your location -- assuming you have adequate bandwidth at both the sending location and the receiving location -- it is not clear to me if your TV set in Hong Kong would be able to display the images correctly.   I suppose you could check this out with the TV sales folk in Hong Kong.

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            I think it will work with no problem.

            do you know anyone in hong kong to test it for you ????