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    Can i assign a ip address manualy in the Slingbox SOLO


      I tried to instal a SlingBOX SOLO in my enterprise network and y need assignd the ip address manual, can i do that?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Since the Slingbox is connected to your router by an Ethernet cable, I see no reason why it can't be assigned a static IP address by your router.   Check your router user manual for instructions on how to assign a static IP address to a device attached to it (such as your Slingbox).   You will need the MAC address for your Slingbox, which I believe you will find printed on a label on the bottom of the slingbox.   After assigning the static IP address to the Slingbox, you will probably also want to "forward port 5001" to that assigned static IP address, so that your Slingbox -- and only your Slingbox -- receives and handles all of the communications sent to that port by the Slingbox HQ when updating its directory of known Slingbox internet wide area network and local area network IP addresses.   Your router manual should also have instructions about how to forward a port to a specific static IP address.