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    Pro Hd and Classic

    interinmente Newbie


      I have a Slingbox Pro Hd and an old Slingbox Classic and... one router ( the wireless router is an Apple Airport Extreme). I am on iMac.
      Well I would like to use both. How can I connect to the same router ( AirPort Extreme)  where is now connected my Slingbox Pro HD, without any conflict?
      The Classic will be attached to the antenna cable and the Pro is connected to a digital decoder. So I can watch different channels ( this is my primary intention).
      I tried to give different port number, 5001 and 5002, or different IP address like and or similar but when I set up I can watch only one, and the other one has no signal. Usually the first for whom I made the set up, the second doesn`t respond.Or sometimes I can watch both but only in WiFi and not in remote. I am interested in watching both in remote. What kind of setting can I do? Classic is not supported in the set up wizard on Safari, so I can do set up only in the Mac Player. But I think the main set up must be made in the router.
      Please any help?
      Thank you
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          Hello interinmente.


          Since you are having difficulties installing your two Slingboxes on the same network, I will recommend you to reset the Slingboxes and try to configure those again. Use the Web-Based SlingPlayer to install the Slingbox PRO-HD and the SlingPlayer Desktop for the Slingbox Classic.


          Feel free to use the following links to enable the Internet Viewing setting, therefore you can watch those away from home. You should use a different IP address for the units, the setup will show you which is the Slingbox IP address of each Slingbox, and also use different ports for both.


          Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


          Port Forward


          I hope this helps.