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    Slinglink connects and throughput drops


      I hope someone can help me pinpoint the cause of this issue.  I am a network engineer who does Tech Support for a living, so hopefully I have tried most obvious things- although I have been a victim of "just plug it in, stupid" so who knows :-)


      I don't have slingbox- I only have 3 slinglink 1 port devices.  I am using them to connect a router (connected via ethernet to the Telco's modem) to a couple TV's that are remote in the house that don't have wireless.  It would be a nightmare to run ethernet to these rooms.  I am plugging the TV's via ethernet to the slinglinks, the slinglinks to the power outlet, and of course one of the slinglinks via ethernet to the router near the Telco's box.


      The wireless clients in the house that connect to the router noticed horrible network connectivity which is what started my investigation.  Now, forget wireless, forget Slinglink.  I connect my laptop via ethernet to the router.  I navigate to the router's Admin console.  I do a test ping from the router's admin page to the internet (yahoo.com to be exact).  I get approx 80 ms pingtimes.  Now, assuming I have no slingboxes connected to the power EXCEPT the one near the router.  If I then connect the ethernet cable from the slinglink to the router, my pingtimes go up to over 1100 ms.  It happens 100% of the time.  Again, the only slinglink I have connected couldn't have any traffic coming from other connected slinglinks as I have unplugged them all.  As soon as I unplug the slinglink from the router, ping times return to normal.  I have changed ethernet ports on the router's built-in switch.  No difference.  I don't have another router to try, but I am using one of the higher end Linksys router models.


      This problem didn't appear until last week or so when some repairman who was working on the water softener may have done something with the power.  Flipped a breaker, changed a plug, honestly I have no idea and although I am good with networking,  not so much with the electrical power.


      I have tried all three slinglinks connected to the router, one at a time, and they all act this way.


      Ideas to try?


      Thank you so much in advance.