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    Multiple connections to the slingbox


      Why not make it possible to make multiple connections to the slingbox?


      I can't see any problems in this matter - for sure i won't invest in a extra slingbox just to be able to watch from my PC and Ipad simultanious. I think the product is very good - but i am very dissapointed in the fact that it allows only one connection.

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          Ironically - I called about the same thing yesteday. I have an application where I want to send the image on a screen to 20+ iPads in the same room. I want to be able to capture the HDMI port going into a screen and rebroadcast that to the iPad.


          The information would need to be transmitted securely as it contains spreadsheets and confidential data.


          This could be a whole new market for these guys. It shouldn't be difficult to modify the existing app. The corporate world would eat this up especially with the widw implementations of video in the enterprise.

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            yepr im too busy to do anything slingbox  dark ages of inception of product an original but now its the 21st century