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    Stuck on two dots despite being set up - slingplayer on iPad 2


      I keep getting "you may get better quality picture if you set up Internet viewing" and the HQ is greyed out and I'm stuck in standard quality. I checked the aspect ratio and sure enough 2 dots for not set up.....


      This is very annoying as internet viewing is set up and working fine on my PC. If I look now on the sling website it says the box is set up fine.


      The only way I can get back control of SQ or HQ is to uninstall sling player for iPad and reinstall. I have to do this most days and lose my settings.


      Please fix!!


      Also allow Best HD for when your on your home N network.


      And one more thing, the pause when entering commands needs to be eliminated on iPad 2 with a good connection, a PC can do it fine without a pause. And that didn't cost me £18 extra for the privilege.



      Richard Stuckey