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      I have the slingbox Pro  and live in New Jersey, I purchased this for my daughter who loives in Italy, this has been a Godsend for her. She emaile me last night to ask how she could set up to record a shows she likes. I have her set up on a separate Verizon set top box so I thought she could use her remote controller to record. She said she can see the shows I record so do I have to set up the recording on my TV? Seems odd since she has her own set top box.


      Thanks for the help.... Mart   email Askmarti@earthlink.net

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          Hi jul1.


          With the on-screen remote control, your daughter can do everything that you can do at home with the remote control. If your Slingbox is connected to a DVR, then she will be able to access the recorded shows and record programs as well.


          For more product information, feel free to access the following links:


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          Slingbox PRO-HD FAQ


          I hope this answers your question.


          Best regards.