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    IPhone4 can't connect to slingbox


      I just purchased a new IPhone from Verizon and installed Slingplayer App. I can connect over WiFi no problem (from my House over my network), but if I try to connect over 3G it will not connect. I did all upgrades required to Slingbox, but still can't connect. I had my daughter load the Slingbox software on her computer and try to log in from her home over the internet, and that was fine, so there apparently no problems with my Router setup. This worked ok when I had program on my Droid, but for some reason with the IPhone, I can't seem to connect when away from my home, but ok while at home over WiFi. Don't know. Anybody have ideas? Am I missing something on IPhone settup, though there isn't much to do on the phone.


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          Hello rayspony.


          Since you are having issues connecting to the Slingbox using the 3G connection of your iPhone, you might want to check the Internet Viewing settings.


          Use the following links in order to get a guide on how to enable the Internet Viewing manually on your Slingbox, there for you will be able to watch it away from home and also using a 3G network.


          Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


          Port Forward


          Best regards.

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            This is a bug in the Slingplayer application on the iPhone. Once it has connected to your home wireless network, it won't switch back to 3G when away from your home network. You have to kill off the Slingplayer application on your iPhone then restart it.


            To kill off the Slingplayer application and restart it do the following:


            Double click the home button on your iPhone. That will bring up a list of icons of currently running applications. Locate the Slingplayer icon. Tap and hold for several seconds until a red minus (-) sign appears. Tap on the minus sign to kill off the Slingplayer app. Click the home button again to exit app management. Now start the Slingplayer app again as normal. It will now connect via 3G.