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    Changed locations and setup cannot locate Slingbox


      I moved my Slingbox HD from home to my office. I reset the Slingbox and started to do a new setup. Step 1 in the setup is to locate the slingbox. This step just hangs up. It does not find the box and it continues to run. The upside down horshoe LED display on the Slingbox pulses. Any suggestion on how to discover the Slingbox? I suspect it may be due to the office router settings?? Thanks for any ideas.

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          I have run the setup utility several times. It now detects the Slingbox and plays the video and audio in a small box while it promts me to choose the video source equipment. While I am doing this the Slinbox Plug In crashes and I have to start at square one again. I have done this several times with the same results. I am frustrated and not sure how to work through it. any thoughts??

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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              I have found in my situation that the Slingbox needs to get -- and keep -- the same IP address AND then have port number 5001 forwarded to that statically-assigned IP address in order to get reliable use.   So, in your office situation, you probably would need to have the folks who control the router to agree to assign a static IP address to your Slingbox and then forward the appropriate port to that IP address.   And it's also possible that they will not agree to do this, as it will greatly increase the traffic on their network to permit streaming video from your Slingbox.   I know that my wife's employer specifically forbids video streaming on their network (and blocks sites like YouTube from connections through their computers?) in order to manage bandwidth usage and maintain reliable connection speeds for those work-related usages.


              I was having all sorts of connection problems to my Slingbox (located a thousand miles away at my second home), which completely disappeared once I visited the second home and programmed the router there to assign a static IP address to the Slingbox, and then forwarded Port 5001 to that static IP address.

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              Thanks for the information on the static IP. I was able to get things working reliably on the network but have not been able to set up Internet viewing successfully. I would like to be able to access it from my PC when I travel which I did when I had the device at home. I own the company and we have a FiOS high speed Internet connection so bandwidth is not a big issue on this end. Any suggestions on the router setup? The attempts from the set up assistant have not been successful. Thanks!

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                  chakkarinen Apprentice

                  When you go in a web browser to www.slingbox.com, login to your Slingbox account, and click on the "Support" tab at the top of the page, do you see a page of information for your Slingbox that looks similar to this?   If not, then there is something still wrong with your setup, which I would guess is most likely related to the router configuration that is still blocking Slingbox communication with the Internet.   I would suspect that the router's default or current configuration is blocking some part of the signal transmission.   You might double-check that the port forwarding has been successfully applied, since that can be a critical item for gaining access OUTSIDE the local network of the slingbox, while everything works fine INSIDE the network without the port forwarding.


                  Slingbox PRO-HD

                  Slingbox Info

                  Slingbox Name: "my slingbox name"
                  Slingbox ID: mylongslingboxidnumber
                  Slingbox Software Version: 2.1.90

                  Internet Viewing

                  Set Up Complete: Yes
                  Slingbox Public IP Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
                  Slingbox Private IP Address: yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy
                  Slingbox Port: 5001

                  Slingbox Access Info

                  Activation Date: dateofactivation
                  Date Last Accessed: dateoflastaccess