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    No working slingbox remote for Solo and Moxi HD DVR 3012


      Hi, I have a Slingbox Solo connected to a Charter Moxi HD DVR 3012.  Slingbox appears to have no working remote for this DVR.  There are 3 Moxi remote options available... Moxi BMC9012, Moxi BMC9022, and Moxi 'Other'.  All of these virtual remotes look like my real remote, but none of them work.  I have confirmed that the IR blaster is working using the digital camera test described in the IR Blaster Help, and I've confirmed that they are pointing directly at the IR input on my DVR.  (I also tried them all along the front face of the DVR just to be sure).  Nothing works.  Please help!  Charter is the 4th largest cable provider in the country, other people have to be experiencing the same issue!

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          Hey guys... I found another post where someone was having the same issue ( https://community.sling.com/ideas/1065 )... this is my post from that thread after much frustration this afternoon.  This is me trying to create a ''custom remote":


          Okay... I can't stand working with this thing anymore.  This is what I've been through today:


          Step  1.  Tried to execute on my Macbook Pro and I'm informed it's not  compatible.  (Come on guys)  I have a laptop running XP so I go and grab  that.  Discouraging but not the end of the world... let's get this  thing working!


          Step 2. Firefox on Windows XP laptop
          Attempt  1. I tried to execute the remotes setup and was told it wasn't  compatible with version Firefox version 4. (Seriously Slingbox?!)  So I  had to downgrade from version 4.0.1 to 3.6.17. Okay... that's  complete... let's proceed.
          Attempt 2.  The WebGUI went to 'not  responding' after I clicked the first button requested in the 'create  remote' setup (the power button).  I waited 5 minutes and nothing  happened.  I couldn't click back or any of the other steps in the  setup. 
          Attempt 3 and beyond... After closing firefox by killing the process I then couldn't get past the 'create remote' screen.  Ugh.


          Step 3. IE on Windows XP laptop
          IE  wouldn't even run the slingbox webGUI past the first step... when it  went to the second step (the step for me to select my slingbox) it  errored out saying that "Internet Explorer has closed the webpage to  help protect your computer".  IE says to go to the control panel, and  disable 'Data Execution Prevention' and then restart for it to take  effect to move on.  Keep in mind that my security settings have not been  manipulated in any way whatsover from the defaults. 


          Restarting  laptop... At this point I've spent a significant about of time on this  and I'm ready ready for the Slingbox developers to collectively push  each other in to a meat grinder.


          The settings change didn't work... same issue... googled and found this.. https://community.sling.com/message/42150.  I made those changes, still having the same issue.


          Step 4. Let's go back to Firefox?

          Went  back to firefox and cleared my cookies and history.  I was able to get  to the next screen on the WebUI.  I tried to edit the remote I had  created already, this didn't work (of course).  I created a new remote  and started again.  Clicked the power button, this time it read  correctly and took me to the next step, the pause button.  I clicked the  pause button, it appeared to read... and then I'm stuck at an hourglass  again.  Waited 10 minutes.  This is unbelievable at this point.  I kill  the firefox.exe process.  Trying again.


          I'm  back at the 'choose device' screen... it says 'your device is busy,  would you like to take control of the stream?'  I click yes... and...  nothing happens (of course, yet again).  I have to kill firefox.exe yet  again.   At this point I've wasted the better part of an afternoon doing  a job that the Slingbox developers should have done for me... create a  remote for this device.  I'm fed up.  If Slingbox wants to create a  remote for this thing (even a custom remote, I don't care) I'll keep  this thing.  Otherwise it's going back in the box and back to the  store.   This is unacceptable.

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            how do you start a thread on the slingbox solo Forum...I cant figure it out. PLEASE HELP