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    How do i fix my SB-PRO-HD so my iPhone can see it?


      It works in my house only - cannot be accessed from outside - I received the connection alert - follow the instructions, but my Westell Router A90-9100EM15-10 is not in the select model number dropdown.


      What do i do?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I suspect your problem may be related to how your Slingbox Pro-HD is connecting to your router.   I am not personally familiar with your brand of router, but in looking at its manual online, I note that its default is to assign IP addresses dynamically.   I found all of my connection problems from outside the home to my SB-PRO-HD disappeared when I programmed my router to assign a static IP address to my Slingbox,  and then I programmed my router to forward port 5001 to that static IP address.  Page 20 of the online manual for your router describes how to assign a static IP address to devices like the Slingbox, and page 65 describes how to forward a specific port to a specific IP address.


          After I did all that for my router, and then power-cycled the router and Slingbox, everything once again worked fine, and has continued to do so.

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            Hi, tedford


            It seems that you are having some issues trying to set up your Slingbox for Internet Viewing using the Westell A90-9100EM15-10 router.


            Even though we do not have the tutorial for this specific model, the following third-party link will provide you with some information that might help you through the settings configuration.


            Port Forwarding SlingBox on the Westell A90-750045-07

            Just make sure to run the configuration and use the Manual Setup option.