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    Slingbox Solo unable to connect - getting very frustrated


        I have a Slingbox Solo being used with a Sling Link Turbo connection (in line AC adapter) for over 2 years and then about a month or two ago it stopped working after some update was applied.


      I have been through every help desk person (paid for the extended support) and have tried all of the tricks in the forums.  About to give up all hope, figured I would post one last effort.


      The two lights are on permanently on the Sling, but when I try to connect with a computer on the same network, it will not locate my Slingbox.  I have done the following steps to try and fix the problem:


      1) disconnected (temporarily) my firewall and anti-virus applications

      2) Connected the sling directly to a wired connection to my Fios modem (to rule out the Sling Link as the problem)

      3) Updated my browser, slingplayer software, etc on my computer

      4) 'Reset' the sling and figured I would start over

      3) After 1 - 4 I do see a box that it finds when searching the network that is not configured.  However, I click on that box to select it and go through the set up process and it is unable to connect.


      I noticed that the slingbox has a USB port on it - does anyone know if I can update the firmware directly by just running a USB directly to my computer and skipping the network?  I have a feeling that the problem is the software on the box itself that is preventing the network connection?


      Getting very frustrated and starting to look into alternatives to Sling - Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help.

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          Well, that makes the 2 of us then.

          I've  done all of the above said including a full reset. When I try to launch  my player it says the same thing about not being able to connect.  Though when I try to ping the IP address of my slingbox I get a good  reply. I ensured the portforwarding is done properly on my router. When I  try to set it up again I get that it says my unit but it's  unconfigured. and when I try to run configurations on it, it says it  can't connect again.


          Not sure what else can I do here. Anyway to connect the unit directly to my PC and try to set it up manually or something?


          Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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              I am having the same troubles...slingbox worked well, now it suddenly does not work.Nothing has changed on my end, internet connection, cords, etc are all the same. I keep getting routed back to the same message "disabled"...internet does not recognize the sling connection....do you know if we can contact customer service for this?

              Also frustrated...

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                  Hi, jimmypsu93 and all


                  It seems that you are having some issues in order to locate your Slingbox on your local area network. Most of the times, this issue is related to the security software running on your computer.


                  The following link will provide you with some information that might help you. 


                  Internet security and personal firewalls


                  If the issue persists, we encourage you to use a different computer in order to test this specific connection.


                  Regarding the USB on the back of the Slingbox SOLO, it is intended for future usage. So far, it has no current usage.

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                      This is my second post to the Slingbox Solo forums and I am confused on your response for us to check the software (ie. firewalls) on our computers.  Like the other users, I have had the Slingbox Solo working just fine up to about a month or so ago.  Now, I am constantly disconnected and seeing Code W202 "Your Slingbox has been disconnected because of a poor Internet connection.  Try connecting again."


                      I haven't changed anything on my end!  All connections, etc haven't changed.  I recall the Slingbox browser declaring that a software update was required and ever since this, the problems have persisted.  If so many users are having problems with their SOLOs that have just "cropped" up, then I would tend to believe that something within this software update has caused all of our problems.  The version of software on my SOLO is 2.1.110.


                      I know that it is not a problem with my browser, computer, firewall etc, since I am able to connect to a Slingbox Classic over the internet (I'm in Michigan) and the Classic is in Florida and I have absolutely NO Issues!  In fact, on my SOLO which I connect on my local LAN doesn't even have the picture quality that it once did.  The Classic is connecting at almost twice the Kbps and again, that is over the internet and not LOCAL!

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                          Did anyone find a solution related to this thread?


                          I have am having the same problems  -  Network and power light are on but I recieve the message "Connection to you Slingbox from the internet have been disabled".




                          • I have been using my slingbox solo daily for the last two months without issue - I am working out of the country...
                          • Nothing has changed on my system - router, virus software(don't have one installed or firewall).  I do not have any of the software installed that Ranaleon's article included.
                          • Early part of May my remote control skin changed but reverted back after a week - I saw some info about this in another thread.  Slingbox continued working without issue until a few days ago.
                          • In an attempt to correct, I have disconnected power and restarted modem, wireless router, slingbox, computer.
                          • Followed slingbox reset process but I was unable to complete the setup on the local machine to change password.... I was not able to see the slingbox on the network and received the message saying that it could not find my slingbox.
                          • I even switched cables from PC to slingbox to ensure connection was good.
                          • Temporary disabled fire wall.
                          • Unistalled and Reinstalled slingbox software on PC...


                          Any help would be great as I am lost....



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                          Thank you Ranaleon, but I've tried it on several different computers and have disabled my firewall as well as antivirus software. That is definitely not the problem.


                          Also, since this product is made so you can watch while not at home, it makes it tough for those of us outside of the country depending on this to go home (sometimes across the globe) to check out the hardware there.


                          Escluding the firewall issues, what do you think the problem is? You guys are experts on your product and are getting constant feedback from your customers so you should know better than anyone what the problem is that many people here are obviously having. Furthermore, most people that use a slingbox have at least a basic understanding of computer networks, firewalls, browser-plug-ins etc.


                          Are you saying there is no known reason that we are all having the same problem?





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                      Hi All I am having the same problem.


                      "Connections to your Slingbox from the Internet have been disabled. Do you want to retry?"


                      I have disabled firewall and antivirus software, no change.

                      I've unplugged everything and replugged and no change.

                      Have hit the reset button and n change.

                      Both red lights are on.


                      I go to Slingbox Set Up and get the message:


                      "Your Slingbox can't be located. Please make sure it is getting power and is connected to the same network as your computer."


                      I click in Search Directory and it shows "My Name Slingboax" with the word "Internet" below it in blue.


                      I click on my slingbox name and it says "Connections to your Slingbox from the Internet have been disabled."


                      I click on supprt



                      Slingbox Solo
                      Slingbox Status Alerts
                      Alert Button


                      Internet Viewing Status:
                      Alert Button


                      Communication status:


                      Slingbox Info
                      Slingbox Name: My Slingbox
                      Slingbox ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                      Slingbox Software Version: 2.1.110


                      Internet Viewing
                      Set Up Complete: Yes
                      Slingbox Public IP Address: xx.xx.xxx.xx
                      Slingbox Private IP Address: xx.xx.xxx.xx
                      Slingbox Port: 5001


                      Slingbox Access Info
                      Activation Date: 03-30-2011
                      Date Last Accessed: 05-19-2011


                      The box was workign perfectly and no one has touched it at the house, then it mysteriously goes offline on May 19. I'm starting to regret investing in this hardward.

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                        Did you ever get to the bottom of this issue as I am now having the same problem.  Have tried all the trouble shooting tips and changed cables etc.  All lights are on and showing as unconfigured but then says it can't find on the network.  Any help appreciated.  Ali

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                          Ok Was having this problems with not being able to connect i reset my sling box to factory settings and reset my router as well i then reset up my port forwarding on my router and set up my slingbox again and all worked fine.


                          for people who dont know how to do port fowarding goto www.portfowarding.com


                          i also use the desktop player as it is easyer than using a web browser and i find it works much better than the browser.



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                            I have had my SlingBox Pro HD for a little over 2 years.  I had the same problem.  I could see the unit in the SingBox directory but I could not connect via the Internet. The router was working just fine.  The power light showed very dim, the network light was off and the horseshoe shaped activity light was showing a steady red and the LED's wouldn't rotate. Five days ago I ordered a new power supply ($19.95 via Sling Media).  It arrived yesterday and Voila!! I am up and running again.  Apparently, these power supplies only last a couple of years.  I hope this one is an improved version and lasts longer.


                            If it is not truly a network or IP address problem, just bite the bullet and invest in a new power supply.  Hope this helps those with a similar problem.

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                              Final Answer to this


                              Edit to Edit to Edit:


                              After a few more wireshark captures using a real network switch in the middle, It seems that the Slingbox is only presenting 5001 but something with the Actiontec is reading it as 5117 and forwarding that port. So it isnt the Slingbox after all. So Verizon users, my suggestion is get a second SOHO router and enjoy. We know Verizon isnt going to fix anything.  If you have FiOS, you do have the option of using your own router via Cat5e vice Coax from the Converter. You have to call Verizon and request/demand it. Keep in mind you will have to run the Cat5e yourself.

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                                As Freedy mac says, I have just replaced the power supply and it has come back to life.


                                The network light was slightly dimmer than usual, however with the new PSU all is well.