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    Nexus S - SlingPlayer not found in market - FIX!!


      I had previously posted about a fix to get back your purchased SlingPlayer after an upgrade to 2.2+


      Having just purchased a Nexus S (2.3.3) I have had similar problems of trying to "find" my purchased

      SlingPlayer in the Market. Unfortunately, the fix that I written about before did not work but I have

      found a much easier way to get it back.


      This fix assumes that you have two phones - your old phone (or some phone with Slingplayer on it)

      and the new phone that you want to get Slingplayer on to. Both phones need to be rooted! Both phones

      need to have Titanium Backup installed.


      NOTE: This should work on ALL phones - that are rooted and have Titanium Backup.



      1. From the phone that has SlingPlayer on it, open Titanium Backup, go to the Restore/Backup tab

      and Backup SlingPlayer and its data. The files will be placed in the Titanium Backup folder on your


      2. Mount both phones for USB (SDcard) Access on your computer. Move the the backup files from

      the SDcard on the old phone to the Titanimum Backup folder on the new phone.

      3. Unmount the new phone, open Titanium Backup, go to Backup/Restore and proceed to restore



      Happy Slingboxing