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    Slingbox Pro HD keeps disconnecting over 3g

    MTFrobin Newbie

      I have Slingbox Pro and a Pro HD boxes, two sling catchers


      I have TWC wide band 50mb down 5mb up. Linksys E4200 router


      Everything has been working fine for five years or so, about a month ago all of a sudden when Slinging over a 3g connecting at around 1000 kbps tethered to my laptop I will lose connection. Some times in 10 minutes other times after hours. The problem is it will not connect until I get someone to power cycle the Slinbox before I can communicate with the box again.

      I have tried a hard reset on the pro HD, reconfiguring the router, raised the Slingbox Pro HD an inch for ventilation. I don''t know what else to try.


      This only happens when tethering laptops !


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          MTFrobin Newbie

          I fixed it!


          I used a solution from another thread, while on my home network

          I edited the Slingbox Pro HD's ip address to and

          created a static ip address in my router for my Slingbox as


          It's the best viewing I have seen ever! And the remote never worked this fast!


          Holy cow!!! This should have been the default as first time setup

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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              Did you have prior to the change of static IP address to ANOTHER static IP address assigned to your Slingbox?   Or no assigned static IP address at all?


              If you did have another static IP address assigned, then it is always possible that your router had attempted to assign that address to another piece of equipment dynamically, and thus created a conflict.


              To prevent such possibilities by my router, I assigned a limit to the range of IP addresses that my router can assign dynamically (see your router manual for instructions on how to do this), then assigned a static IP address to my Slingbox that is OUTSIDE the range of addresses that the router can assign dynamically.  And then forwarded the recommended port 5001 to that static IP address assigned to the Slingbox.   I believe this keeps the IP address assigned to the Slingbox from being assigned to a conflicting piece of equipment.


              BTW, if you DO attempt to assign a static IP address to a computer where that address has already been assigned to another piece of equipment, the computer SHOULD display a warning or error message onscreen.   Of course, since the Slingbox has no screen, there is no way to see if the Slingbox is being accidently assigned to a static address already assigned to another piece of equipment.

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                  MTFrobin Newbie

                  Like I said in the first post everything has been fine for five years with all of my stuff until a month ago when

                  SlingMedia was updating or moving or what ever they were doing.

                  Like fixing the remote! LOL

                  I never had to do anything but run the Sling wizard. Never paid attention to ip address. .

                  Except for direct connect to my Windows mobile phones.

                  All my Linksys Routers and switches work flawlessly.


                  BTW: You can set a static ip outside of the range you set it just won't display in your DHCP Client Table

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                Hi MFTroben.  Ok I had a bit of a rant. geting it going at the same time as the upgrading was part of the problem. now got help line number and I think we are getting on better.      02072940157  Some of the information I now have was not in the user guide. Thank you.  Ian