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    Window left/right not working on new MacBook

    OvCollyer Apprentice



      I've been using SlingPlayer for Mac for a while now without problems, but I just upgraded to one of the new high resolution MacBook Pros and I am finding that the window styles "Slingbar Left" and "Slingbar Right" result in the player disappearing from view. Actually I can see a thin vertical bar of pixels when I choose the left option, indicating that it has incorrectly placed the window off-screen, but no more.


      The normal view works fine, as does full screen.


      I've tried zooming, minimising, etc but the left/right options simply don't work when I select them.


      Probably related to this is when I launch SlingPlayer the window isn't visible and I have to switch to full screen and out again in order to get the normal view.


      Has anyone else encountered these issues and/or know of a way of resolving them?