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    can't connect to SB AV after new hardware install


      I've had my SB AV since it was new.  never had any problems until my trusty Linksys WRT54G died. I've replaced the router with a Linksys/Cisco E4200. I've attached a basic network map here.


      in between the router and the SB AV is a Netgear FVS318v1 acting only as a dumb switch (no WAN connection, DHCP disabled on the LAN side, the new router connected to one of the FVS LAN ports). 


      the setup worked well with the old WRT54G.  I was able to view the SB AV anywhere I travelled.  with the E4200, the only place I can see it is within my home network.


      the E4200 recognizes the SB AV as it's listed in the router's client table.  the IP and MAC addys that appear in the SB Setup Assistant correspond with the router client table.  the SB AV has it's port 5001 forwarded as usual.  even the directory in my slingbox.com account shows the SB AV and it's finder ID.  as a last resort, I put the SB AV in the router's DMZ.  still I can't view it outside the network.


      has anyone here come across this before?  the rest of the network runs perfectly except for this little issue.  any help would be appreciated...