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    DirecTV Hr21-100 Remote Not recognized by Slingbox


      Hi there!


      I have a DirecTV HR21-100 satellite reciever and DVR.  I've had my Slingbox Pro for a whle.  I use it while traveling; it used to work great.


      About 10 months ago, I noticed it stopped working.  By that, I mean the remote control on screen either online or in the Sling application for PC no longer controlled the satellite box.  The same is true for my SlingPlayer|mobile on my phone too.


      I can see video and hear audio, however, I can't change channels, bring up the guide or anything else associated with the remote control; if the DirecTV box is off... I can't even power it on.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software.  Further, I have uninstalled the Firefox "add on" and reinstalled it.  I have even further completely re-set-up my Slingbox to no avail.


      I have combed through the forums with no luck.  I even called Slingbox, but they wanted $30 for a one time assistance fee or $50 to extend my warranty.


      I have the IR blasters positioned exactly as they were.  I just don't understand how this happened.  It appears as though others on the forums have had similar issues.


      I've tried other "codes" for the remote during set up, and still nothing works.  The remote "does appear" however, when any button is pushed, it doesn't have any response on the physical satellite reciever.


      I'd appreciate any ideas out there, that you'd be willing to share.