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    Switched routers, now blinking network light


      Everything on the Slingbox Pro-HD was working fine, I just switched routers.


      Before I even switched routers, LAN viewing was working, but not internet due to incorrect IP assignment.


      Did a factory reset, and now the slingbox will blink on the network light, or sometimes won't even come on at all.


      I really have no clue what it could be outside of a hardware failure, as the router settings and setup didn't change.  I tried powering off router and slingbox, updating firmware on router and countless resets.

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          I guess my question isn't vague enough for someone to post one of the articles describing common problems.


          I have determined that it is a power supply or faulty hardware.  Luckily it's only 2 weeks old, so I will call "tech support" and get a replacement, hopefully.

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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              I would suggest trying to get your  router to first assign a static IP address to your Slingbox -- see the  instruction manual for your router on how to do this.   I think you will  also need the Mac ID for your Slingbox, which I believe is printed on a  sticker on the bottom of your Slingbox.   Then after you assign the  static IP to the Slingbox, then forward the specificied port number (on  my Slingbox Pro-HD, it is port 5001) to that static IP address.


              Reboot  everything by unplugging the power cords for 20 seconds (and NOT  hitting the reset butttons on the router or Slingbox), and, hopefully,  you will be good to go.