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    Slingbox PRO HD, audio only when the actual TV is turned on


      When I try to watch through the internet on my computer I get no audio, only video (live, recorded shows, anything). When I turn the actual TV that the slingbox is connected to on the audio on the computer works fine.


      How do I get the audio to work all the time?

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          Hi, katefl


          Since you have issues with the Slingbox audio settings, we recommend you to check this link and apply the included troubleshooting steps.


          Slingbox audio issues: Basic troubleshooting

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            Hi guys,


            I'm having the same audio problems with a Slingbox Pro HD and I'm hoping you might have some suggestions.  My Slingbox is properly connected, however, when I tried to watch on my computer, iPad or Android phone I only receive video and no audio.  I've tried isolating the problem in many ways by troubleshooting.... from resetting the Slingbox, swapping out the red/white audio cables, adjusting the volume of the cable box from Variable to Fixed, adjusting the volume settings on the TV itself, and even moving the Slingbox from a Verizon Fios HD DVR to a Verizon Fios standard box, and trying the suggestions in the link to Basic Troubleshooting, but to no avail.  I have even run through the Setup Assistant several times and the audio will stream as long as the TV it's streamng from in on... but as soon as the TV is turned off, the audio is gone and all you can hear is loud static and clicking noises.  So I know that the audio is capable of playing, but don't know how else I can resolve this issue  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I have a Slingbox AV in my basement on a Verizon Fios standard box that works like a dream.  Just not sure why I'm having such an issue with the Pro HD.  Thanks in advance!