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    Getting low video quality


      Hi, I have been using my slingbox since late 2008.  It worked perfectly for almost 2 years, giving me qualities of ~2500-300kbps.  Since then I haven't been getting more than 400kbps.  That doesn't last long either and hovers at around 200kbps.  It is very frustrating to try and watch someting like a baseball game, because I can't decipher anything that is going on.  I was wondering what would cause the drop in quality.  I know this is a late post from when my problem originally occured, but I was able to deal with it for most of the time.  However, now I am quite fed up with the poor picture.


      I am sure it would be useful to post about my set up.  I live in New Jersey, have my slingbox hooked up their to my DirecTV box and a wired ethernet cable.  I am only ever streaming as far as Philadelphia.  My internet providers are Optimum Online and Comcast, respectively.  Each provider is 10MB/s or higher and I haven't made any adjustments to my set up.  Has something changed with an update?  I would really like to resolve this, as I loved my Slingbox when I got it, raved about it to friends, and now I am losing interest.