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    fios hd hook up question


      I am using component jacks to hook my fios box to sling than to tv.When I change channel at sling or tv location both locations tune to same channel.I thought there were 2 tuners?If I cant change a channel in 1 location without effecting the home location than what good is this slingbox?Really do both locations have to view the same channel.I hope there is a solution to this.Sorry guys after doing a little reading I see you cant view different channels.I only wish I knew this before buying this thing.

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          Sling box has a tuner but u r not hooked up to tuner. U r hooked to the component in/out which is technically just an internal splitter/loop thru of the hd signal. Point of sling box is to remotely watch your cable box, not watch 2 different channels. Watching a different channel is capable if u use the internal tuner but you would only be able to tune local unencrypted channels such as fox,NBC,abc,CBS.