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    slingbox pro no connection away from home


        Hi, I have two slingboxes set up. One to a cable TV box and one to a satellite box. When I am home on my home network, I can find both recievers and change back and forward at will. When on any other network away from home I can only get my cable TV box. The satellite box will tell me, "cannot connect". Not just a hotel network, but at others friends networks.

        Have I connected wrong somewhere? I have the same problem connecting with my SlingCatcher.


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          I have the same problem, when I bought my Slingbox Pro about 1 year ago, I called the helpline they remotely accessed my router and configured it for me.  It worked fine.


          Then my router died and my ISP sent me a new one (slightly different model), but no surprises, the Sling Box now cannot be found when I am outside the home.


          I note you have had 59 views but no answers.


          I note that on the web-site there is a page which apparently takes you through setting up your router manually, but the first screen asks for the IP address of your Slingbox and I have no idea how to find that out.  I went to my PC (connected at home) and opened Sling Player and went to run the setup wizard but it simply says that the unit is already configured.  I browsed various menus in Slingplayer whilst (from home) it was successfully connected to the Slingbox, but I could not find the IP address of the Slling box.  The video that plays on that page is no help it slips over windows users in 1 line and moves on to mac users.  I run Windows.


          I note that on the right hand side of the forum page amongst the lists of current discussion this is a frequent topic, but I have not found a step by step solution


          I have passed my 90 days support period, but would note that t I think it is unreasonable not to provide the necessary info when it is critical to the functioning of the unit and when it is required by so many.


          So, when you are answered, I will be answered too, same question


          Anyone listening?




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            Hi Brit20,


            If you are able to connect to the Slingbox just locally (at the Slingbox location) but not remotely, it means that the Internet Viewing feature is not properly enabled. You need to run the Setup Assistant and confirm that the Internet Viewing test goes through successfully. Have a look at these links, they will help you to enable this issue,


            Solving general problems with Internet Viewing - look here first


            Internet Viewing has stopped working and I am currently at home


            Let us know how it works