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    IPAD Mobile APP


      I purchased the IPhone APP a little while ago for my company issues iphone.  I am looking at retirement very shortly and bought an IPAD figuring the app that I purchased for the Iphone would be 100% compatible with my IPAD only to find out there is a seperate APP for the IPAD and it will cost another $30 to purchase that APP.  Don't you think there should be a free upgrade or at least some type of discount for your loyal customers.  I'm sure you would end up making as much if you sold it for even half price as you would get more customers upgrading than buying new.

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          i have the same question. its not a 99 cent app!  how come no response?

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            Hi Country2joe & 255909071974767,


            The new iPad application takes full advantage of the iPad’s display. This application has a higher resolution. Since the two versions (iPhone & iPad) are not the same, it's necessary to buy a new one for the iPad or you can keep using the iPhone version but in "Compatibility mode". Please have a look at this discussion;


            iPhone to iPad


            Hope this helps



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                I know that the Iphone version can be used in compatiblity mode and I understand that... but what I don't understand is why this company don't offer a discount of some sort for an upgrade like other software vendors.  I'm sure there would be more sales on an upgrade offer that would offset any losses on individuals buying a second app.  Just sayin..............