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    Help Tech Support: Can You Update Remote Control for Internet Viewing of Verizon Fios set-top-box?


      Ok. Technically this is not a problem but more of a customer satisfaction issue. I have the Slingbox PRO-HD. LOVE IT! Best investment I've made as far as employing a mobile technology to watch TV or movies when on the go. ****, it is by far my most favorite app on my laptop, iPhone and soon to have iPad2. Previously, I had comcast cable as my internet, tv and phone provided but I have recently switched over to Verizon's Fios. While I love the all extra HD programs and faster internet my Slingbox experience has been diminished.


      Problem:  Now that I have switch to Verizon Fios (A) there are not as many options for choosing which Verizon product my slingbox could connected to. (B) The Verizon remote looks nothing like the real remote. In fact it looks like an Atari 64 throwback image with simplicit controls to operate each function (e.g. number pad, DVR controls, volume, channel up/down, power.)


      This is really, really unimpressive compared the my previous experience using the comcast setup scheme. Yes, the controls do operate my TV/cable box. But I hate to even change the channel now because doing so puts this clunckly and old looking vector graphic of a generic remote on my PC screen.


      Can't we do better? Can we get the remote to look like this image below?


      photo 1.JPG