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    Optical Audio


      I don't know much about this optical or digital audio but it looks to me like Slingbox Pro HD does not have an optical audio in.  However my Comcast box has an optical audio out but not a digital audio in.   Both have analog audio out and in connections but I can't get that to work nor do I want to use that anyway.


      So I'm kinda screwed here.  I can't connect optical to optical or even digital to digital with the 2 kinds of cables I have here in my hand which is extremely discouraging that I even have to deal with such a dilema with such a new product such as the Slingbox Pro HD.


      So with that a few questions


      1) So then I'd need an optical to digital audio box converter?

      2) I tried just doing analog audio from my slingbox to the comcast box but it's not working


      So my main question here is why doesn't the slingbox have the latest optical audio...that just makes no sense to me.  It's not like optical is anything new.