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    Slingbox in Europe




      I would like to setup a Slingbox in Switzerland and Watch. Anybody with experience in using the Device Overseas?


      Thanks for any Help

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          callanish Apprentice

          The best advice I can give you from one that streams from a slingbox in the U.K to the U.S is make sure your internet service provider in Switzerland has a fast upload speed and is utterly stable. If you get that right and you've successfully setup your slingbox for remote use with your router and cable modem, then you shouldn't have any streaming issues on your sending side. Also, it depends if the slingbox is used for watching only while travelling or at a stationary point someplace else like mine is on a big screen TV. For me, the slingcatcher with its remote control made viewing more enjoyable while watching the slingbox stream sent to the U.S. I would also suggest when going through the slingbox setup process, setup the hardware using manual port forwarding, rather than Automatic UPNP. Automatic port forwarding caused me a few problems while watching the slingbox remotely with the slingcatcher. Correctly setting my router and slingbox up using manual port forwarding solved my remote connection issues with all my mobile hardware. Also, if you are going to be away from the slingbox for a while, make sure you have someone that can power it off and on if needed. Nothing works perfect, so there will always be a chance when you will need someone to flip the power switch on and off. I've put my cable modem / router and slingbox on the same power strip so all three are rebooted with one switch. I've owned my slingbox since spring 2009 and after fixing my remote port forwarding viewing issue in order to get the slingcatcher to connect, I've been very happy with the overall experience. Keep the slingbox in a cool location. I keep repeating myself, but I sincerely believe that heat is the enemy of electronics and a cool slingbox makes for a happy user.