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    Sprint HTC Arrive Sound Problems


      To whomever can correct this problem. I had a Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 with Sling Player 2.0 loaded on it. I was going to upgrade my phone to the New Sprint HTC Arive, so by reading the specs of the phone and the SlingBox Pro that I had, I knew that I would have to Upgrade to the SlingBox Pro HD for it to work with the Operating system on the Sprint HTC Arrive which is Windows Phone 7.


      I had upgraded to the SlingBox Pro HD and had everything working just fine with my Sprint HTC Touch Pro2.


      When the Sprint HTC Arrive became avaliable, I upgraded the phone. as soon as i downloaded the New Sling Player Mobile software onto the phone, i was very very angry, the sound was hardly there. I had called Sling Support and sopke with them on a few occasions. The first time I was told that the very dificult layout was ported over from ANDROID to Windows Phone 7. The next time I called Sling support, they tested out my SlingBox over the Internet to a Samsung Instinct, an ANDROID phone. They said there was no problem and it was very loud. I asked them if they had any Windows Phone 7 Phones at all to test out what I was complaining about, they said NO. They said they DON'T HAVE ANY Windows Phone 7 Phones to test out to see what I was complaining about. They said that it MUST BE MY PHONE WHERE THE PROBLEM LIES. I told them that EVERY App that has access to the Speaker is WAY LOUDER than SLING PLAYER MOBILE for WINDOWS PHONE 7. Also that the problem is not with the phone since I also paid someone to put the program on their phone to test out for me and the same problem was on their phone. The Sling Support Ref told me to Contact both HTC and Microsoft about the Issue.


      The issue is not with HTC or MICROSOFT. The issue is with SLING MEDIA PLAYER FOR WINDOWS PHONE 7 that was ported over from ANDROID.


      The layout is also very complicated on Sling Player for Windows Phone 7 compaired with the simplicity of the layout for Sling Player Mobile 2.0 for Windows Mobile 6.5


      When I called and asked the Sling Rep about how to use it, he had to put me on hold and he had to ask someone how to use it because it was too difficult for him to figure out also. Then we spoke about the very low sound issue. He could not figure it out also. I was told to see about waiting for an update to see if the issue is fixed with the update.


      I have been a very satisfyed customer of Sling before upgrading to the new software that was ported over from ANDROID.


      My sound is so low that if I am more than 5 feet away from the phone I can't make out what anyone is saying at all. I loaded the software from my old Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 onto my Wife's Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 and the difference is like night and day.



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          So far no one is either able to answer the question or come up with a solution. There is not 1 person that can fix this problem at all? I'm wondering if the tech support people here at SLING can even do the right thing and FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!

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            From what the tech support people say, the issue has been put to the higher ups. The issue is being looked into, but no resolution has been worked out as of yet. What that means is that I still can NOT enjoy my SlingBox for the way it was designed to be enjoyed. I have to be punished just because I do NOT want an Android phone. Why couldn't the developers have kept the same design & layout as what they had for Windows Mobile 6.5. They could have designed from that for Windows Phone 7. Not design for Android and then port it over to Windows Phone 7. That would be like designing an engine for a Chevy and putting it into Lexus. Someone, PLEASE HELP Sling Tech Support on how to figure this out.