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      So, I downloaded/purchased SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Phone 7. devestated on why we have to pay for it when 6.5 and earlier were free since you purchased the device!


      I have a slingbox pro.

      when connecting, it says:


      Errorcode = ObjectNotFound

      Message = The remote server returned an error: NotFound

      Operation: Initialization

      Hint = Resource not found




      it works within the LAN no problem. I believe the firewall rules are setup to allow internet access. infact, this was the case a few months ago when watching TV from a remote location (i.e the internet!) and just rechecking - yes, allowed to the slingbox!



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          Hi ahmedilyas, if you can't connect from your mobile phone to the Slingbox make sure that the Slingbox PRO is set up for Internet Viewing, also you can try reinstall the application in the phone.


          Slingbox PRO Internet Viewing.



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              I don't think you read my original question clearly.


              This definately works via internet no problem. I can view my slingbox pro online when I am NOT at home. I can connect to it through my laptop using an internet connection.


              it does not work using WP7. It DOES work using Windows Mobile 6.5

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                  I've got the same problem and same error. I can watch over the internet with my laptop, macbook and blackberry torch. But not with my windows phone 7.5.


                  PLEASE fix this problem, otherwise this app is useless.