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    can connect to solo but not hd pro

    tvlevy Newbie

      this is about as ridiculous as it gets.  i am using the windows mobile software  it has worked perfectly for a long long time on blackjack 2 and omnia and now omnia 2.  somewhere along the way and it may have been after the hd pro firmware upgrade in december - i have not been able to connect with the prohd.  i can connect on the browser, on mac, on windows, on ipad but not on windows mobile.  my solo which is new connects on all platforms including windows mobile.


      i have uninstalled software i have tried going backwards to 1.4 i have tried removing entry of the prohd.  only thing i havent tried is going to the 2.0 software cause it made the video on my phone look awful.  this has to be something wrong at the slingbox farm for this not to work.

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          tvlevy Newbie

          well it turned out that the previously good port forwarding somehow went bad.  i went back to an old port forwarding setting that had worked in the past and i am now able to connect via the windows mobile.  i wont say how long it took to figure this out.