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    Slingcatcher says no network but there is 100% internet in the lan-kabel

    Malmberg Newbie
      Hi everybody
      i have been you sing my slingcatcher for 3 years with no problems but now i am in trouble..
      a week ago there was hewy rain and lightning and suddenly the light in the apartment was blinking and after that there was no internet at all
      the next day the internet was back but when turning my slingcatcher on it says no network ??
      all others edi-ms i have which yo-use internet works fine and i know 100% that the lan-cable which i have in the slingcatcher works and there is internet in it ?????
      i also know that its not the slingcatcher that there is a problem with because of my addiction of watching my danish television in spain i have 2 brand new slingcatchers in reserve and i have tried all 3 of them and they all says no network when i turn them on !!
      my internet connection is open means that i don't haft to tell the internet provider any mac addresses from the catcher to get always on the internet ??
      i am guessing that the lighting stroke the internet provider (telefonica) wire and that why the internet shot down but in all coming sens the slingcatcher shut just come back on when the internet came back ??
      do anybody have a idea what happening to my network ??


      i can of course watch from my computer so basically the problem is that the slingcatcher wont connect to the my internet connection anymore ????




      Regards Claus