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    Desktop vs Browser


      Hi all,


      New slingbox user.  Just setup the contraption last night.


      Loving that I can watch my cable tv on my iphone and laptop while away.  But really dissapointed in the web application and the quality.


      I hate having to use browser apps, especially those using flash.  Is the desktop application not supported anymore?  Would I get better quality over the desktop application?


      I found an old version of the desktop app and downloaded it, but it seemed to need to be on the same network as the slingbox in order to work.  Is that true?


      In terms of quality:  It is sub-hulu.  It is worse than netflix.  And not as good as amazon.  Very pixelated.  Definitly not HD, but I wouldn't even call it SD.  Happens when on known good connections.  Is this just what I can expect?