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    Slingbox Solo - Internet viewing/network setup problem


      I've had my Solo working fine with internet viewing since June of last year... about a month ago I was on business travel and for the first time I couldn't connect to my slingbox; when I got home I couldn't connect locally either so I reset the unit (that didn't work) so I then unplugged it for 30 seconds or so and then the setup assistant was able to find the slingbox again, but it was now unconfigured...


      From there I went through the setup and everything works fine (I'm able to view video locally) until I get to the internet setup:


      First I tried auto setup (I have a FIOS Actiontec router that supports UPnP, that is how I set it up initially) when the remote viewing setup starts I lose the video and for about 5-10 minutes nothing happens and then the setup assistant says it lost connection with the slingbox.


      The only way to get it to see the slingbox again is to pull power.. So when I reconnect I have to go through the setup again as it says my slingbox is not configured... I did this a couple times with the auto setup and each time I lost connection and had to start over again with an unconfigured slingbox.


      Next, I configured the sligbox for local viewing only (disabled remote viewing) and exited the setup so it would save the config. At this point I could connect on my home network with no problems at all.


      I then went in and went to manually setup remote viewing and setup my router with the required port settings (after deleting the settings that the prior auto setup configured) and when I go back to the setup assistant and select configure manually the same problem occurs; video dissapears and after a few minutes the connection is lost. I then resart the assistant and (only after unplugging the slingbox again) once reconnected it says the slingbox is unconfigured.....


      Bottom line I can always setup for local viewing without issue, but no matter what I try once I get to the remote viewing setup my slingbox loses its config and I have to start over. The same thing occurs if I try setting a static IP as well.


      I'm using slingplayer 2.0 on a windows 7 laptop (tried the same on another W7 laptop) and the assistant says my slingbox has the most current frimware.


      Also, nothing else on my network has changed and everything works perfectly.


      Sorry for the long winded post, but I can't think of anything else to try....

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          Well, after some more fiddling around, I rebooted my FIOS router (for the 10th time..) and manually redid the port forwarding again and surprise! It decided to work...


          As I rebooted the router several times previously as well as trying both auto and manual setups multiple times I really can't say why it decided to work again...


          Hopefully this isn't an indication of things to come as my warranty runs out in a couple months. In any case, everything is working now and I even have my Xoom connected with the Slingbox app working as well (works great!).