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    Cannot watch from Slingbox.com on one computer only


      I have one computer on my home network that cannot access my Slingbox Solo through the web (while on my home network). I always get the "can not connect, try again" message. I have two other computers on my home network that work fine. I've disabled my firewall and virus scanning and still have the problem. I've rebooted my router and the reset the Slingbox.


      I can connect and watch fine from this computer with SlingPlayer, with one strange exception. Once the webplayer fails to connect, SlingPlayer will not connect again, until I reboot my computer and then it works fine. This is repeatable, connect with SlingPlayer, close SlingPlayer, attempt to connect with Sling.com, get connection error message, attempt to connect with SlingPlayer, get connection error messagem reboot PC, SlingPlayer connects fine.


      I'm using Windows XP and IE8. The support page on the website shows everything OK and set up for internet viewing. I've reset IE8, as well as reinstalling the ActiveX plug-in and SlingPlayer. Again, the two other computers on my network successfully connect with both SlingPlayer and Sling.com. Next step is to try repair on IE8 install. Looking for any ideas or suggestions.