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    Sling Adapter closed captions CC


      I just received a Sling Adapter for my 722 Duo DVR for Dish Network.  It was purchased through Dish Network website.  I anxiously set it up and then gave it a test viewing on my PC as well as my Android phone.  I am a deaf person so closed captions are a must for me but after trying I am unable to get them working.


      I checked with Dish Network and they say there is currently no support for CC on either the adapter or the 922 unit with built in sling.  Is this true?  Funny thing is the DVR boxes have built in caption decoder for TV viewing.  Without captions I am dead and the product is useless to me.  The customer service sent a problem  report the their engineers but I highly doubt they will do anything anytime soon.


      So anyone know any information about CC for Dish Network?  If not it looks like I will have to purchase a slingbox HD or such?  Is that my only option?  That sucks as the sling adapter is $100 and soon I will be elligable for a DVR upgrade so I can get the 922 with a 2 year contract free.  If Dish supported captions on their own sling products I wouldn't have to spend $250+.


      ****.  Dish Network doesn't even provide captions for On Demand movies while most but not all pay per view movies have captions.  Sometimes the HD version has no captions but the standard does have them.  That's not cool.  Lost a few rentals in the past because I forgot to check first before renting.  Dish refuses to credit for those movies.


      Being deaf is hard enough but being excluded from basics like this makes it even harder.