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    Is it possible for an ISP to block Slingcatcher?


      I have a Slingbox in the UK which I have been succesfully using with a Slingcatcher in China, as well as through Slingplayer on my laptop.    I have recently moved the Slingcatcher to Bangkok but have not been able to connect to my Slingbox.      It finds the Slingbox OK but when it tries to connect I get a network error.    I get the same problem when trying to use Slingplayer from the same location.


      I know the Slingbox is working fine and is set up correctly for remote viewing using port 5001.   I've checked the remote viewing again today by logging into a UK computer (not on my home network) via logmein.com and running Slingplayer on that.     Would it be sensible to conclude therefore that my ISP in Bangkok is somehow blocking the Slingcatcher/player?    Or should I be altering some settings on my SMC router in Bangkok to allow it to receive something on port 5001 (not sure of the correct technical lingo!)?


      Thanks in advance.

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          alano Newbie

          Hi Sarah.


          Yes, some ISP's do block port 5001.  Fortunately, you can change this port to work around the problem


          Unless you have some weird and unusal firewall settings on your SMC router, then this will not be the cause of your problem.  It might be worth checking you have UPnP enabled though.


          I strongly suggest you login to the SlingBox support page both BEFORE and AFTER you make the changes to your SlingBox port - to be doubly sure there are no other problems: http://support.slingbox.com.  Once you have logged in and registered your slingbox, you will see various info about your box including, very importantly, the Internet Viewing status.  Check everything is good before, then after you've made the changes.


          The following article describes changing your SlingBox port (don't forget, importantly, to fully re-run the Internet Viewing wizard!)... https://community.sling.com/thread/1456


          Best wishes,