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    Edit Favorites appearance by adding channels Logos ?


      Hi from Spain,


      After 5 years using a Slingbox Classic, I just upgraded to the ProHD, connected to the digital aerial/terrestrial coax in France.

      Setup is OK and I'm able to access my slingbox away from home using my Macs (the old client, and the sling.com website) and my iPhone.


      My main problem is with the web client as it doesn't seem to be possible to edit the look of the favorites... They all show the channel number but not the "channel name". And it's quite difficult to remember that #1 is equal to "Direct8" for example.


      Is it possible to edit the appearance of the favorites by either changing the number to the channel name or, better, by adding the channel logos ?


      Also, with the iPhone SPM I don't seem to be able to use at all the favorites... Don't know what I'm doing wrong ?!


      Thanks in advance for your help.