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    Sling catcher stoped working power light will not light


      I had been using my slingcatcher and shut it off using the remote.  The next time I tried to use the remote to power it back on the power light would not go on. The unit has power because the ntwork light and the sling light are lit.  When I click on the remote inches from the box the sling light on the remote lights up but the sling player power light stays dim.  So it seems like the remote is just not sending the signal to the catcher.  Has anyone else had this problem? Is there any other way to get the power turned on on the player? Other remotes that might work?  The network is fine, the connection to the tv is fine. The batteries in the remote are brand new and the sling light does light when any button is pushed.  The network light and sling light on the catcher aare lit but there is no way to get the power light to go on.  Any help would be appreciated.