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    Slingbox Pro-HD, Ooma telo, and a D-Link DIR-655 Router?


      I am hoping that one of the networking gurus on this forum may be able to give me an assist. I am trying to get my Slingbox Pro-HD to play nicely with my Ooma Telo using a D-Link Dir-655 Router. I am streaming the Slingbox signal to a Slingcatcher at another location. Can anyone tell me spcifically how to set this up most efficiently so that I don't get choppiness in VOIP but still maintain a steady slingbox video stream. Should I put the Ooma box in front of or behind the router? What settings specifically do I need in the Ooma box as well as the D-Link router related to qos, port forwarding, or anything else relevant? I am not a  "high-level" networking expert so please be explicit in your instructions. 


      Thanks for any assistance you may render; my head is getting flatter as the hole in my wall grows larger, LOL.