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    TMobile My Touch 4G to Verizon Thunderbolt - Can't download App


      All --

              I recently switched carriers and phones from a TMobile 4G to a Verizon Thunderbolt. They are both HTC Phone and operate on the the 4G network. I was able to flawless use the Slingbox Mobile app on my 4G phone but when I try to down load the app to the Thunderbolt I consistently receive telling me that the download was unsuccessful.


      I am logging into the Android Market on my Thunderbolt with the same account I used to purchase the app on My 4G phone. When I goto the My Apps section of the Market, I can see the Slingbox Mobile app listed and it has a status of "Purchased". I try to download the app, I receive a message stating that the app will be downloaded but I receive a message that the "Download was unsuccessful, please try again"


      Am I doing wrong here?


      Here is the technical stuff on the Thunderbolt:


      •      Hardware Version - 2


      • Android Version - 2.2.1
      • Baseband Version -
      • Kernal Version -
      • Build Number - 1.12.605.6
      • Software Number - 1.12.605.6
      • Browser Version - WebKit/533.1
      • PRI Version - 1.41_002, 1.64_002
      • PRL Version - 15011
      • ERI Version - 5