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    Iphone tv out fixed

    wshepard19 Newbie

      I like others were having a problem with getting my iphone 4 to stream out to the tv.  I was only getting audio. After searching I found a few threads but it took some time to find.  I'm posting this b/c I know some are still having problems and for future users b/c this is probably going to fix the tv out problem.

      Deleating my app from my phone and reinstalling from the app store did not work.  Also if you do decide to delete your app and go to the app store on your phone it will ask you if you want to repurchase it, but it will not charge you.. it will seem like it but eventually it will come up with a screen telling you you already bought it and if you want to download it for free again.


      The problem was with tv out as I was only getting audio.  Iphone 4 had the hq greyed out and I couln't change it at all/select it.


      Fix:  We redid our internet viewing set up on our home network for the slingbox (have to be on the same home network as the slingbox not away from home) We did it automaticaly and manually b/c it said it suggested it.  We had a slight problem in the manual set up as our exact model for the cablebox wasn't listed but we select one and it works. After the set up the iphone 4 hq was no longer greyed out and i was able to select it and get tv out to my tv using a componet apple cable.  One other thing when logged in through a computer the slingbox had a warning saying that internet viewing wasn't set up prior to us resetting up the internet viewing.  It was a bit missleading b/c I was getting video through my iphone and computer away from home but i guess it wasn't set up properly or something changed during an upgrade in software someplace b/c at one point I was getting hq on my iphone but something happened as it stopped working and became greyed out which caused this problem.  In order to get streaming tv out from your iphone 4 to your tv you have to be in Hq mode, if its greyed out it wont work or if you put it in hq mode it will only give audio.


      I hope this fixes some of the problems some maybe having with the tv out.